About Just For Toenails


 In 2008, Dr. Robert Spalding began developing a gel system for prosthetic application to toenails in podiatry offices, and Just For Toenails Prosthetic Nail System was born. The Just for Toenails gel nail products developed by this highly experienced team has the needed flexibility post-cure to be worn safely and beautifully on toenails. It is flexible though strong, and with the free JFT training, is easily applied.

Show your toes

Toes rarely were exposed until the mid-90’s except for evening wear, in the backyard, and in private. Then the throne-type spa pedicure chair was released into the spa industry. Suddenly, toes came out of hiding and sandals came out of the backyard as accepted footwear for everyone, everywhere at any time. Except for those who had damaged nails. These people were usually too embarrassed to wear open-toe shoes or sandals and many restricted their activities to keep them hidden. Now, these persons can wear their toes out for display and they love the changes in their lifestyle a new prosthetic nail brings.

Lasers and Prosthetic Toenails

Podiatrists are finding that lasers and prosthetic toenails are great partners for bringing cash into their practices. The lasers bring in clients who want that treatment and are excited to leave with a beautiful nail, and nail clients interested in a prosthetic nail will invest in a laser treatment. They love the services because they do not have to wait for the nail to grow out to wear toeless shoes, or to hide those that are permanently damaged! These synergistic services bring non-patients in the door in high numbers and they will be returning on a regular basis for maintenance of their new nail and soon will consider your practice their podiatry center.