About Us

Just For Toenails Prosthetic Toenails, LLC is a company solely owned by a podiatrist, Robert Spalding, DPM, Chattanooga, TN. The Just For Toenails product was developed for use in podiatry offices only. The goals of Dr. Spalding  for this company is to aid podiatry practitioners in the development of higher profitability for their practice through non-insurance services that will result in expanded profits.


Dr. Robert Spalding, Chattanooga, TN, a board certified Podiatrist and the author of the book, The Science of Pedicures has been a researcher for methods of enhanced practice success for over a decade. First, he developed the Just for Toenails colorized treatment polish, and then began researching the medical industry’s use of expanded duty professionals and non-insurance services. With this information base, he developed Medinail Learning Center, a program for training nail technicians to work in podiatry offices. He hired an MNT and now offers pedicures in his office to his patients and new patients who learn about their availability. Adding the Medical Nail Technician led him to develop a product for offering prosthetics for toenails in his podiatry practice. He is enjoying the success and profitability of this as well as other non-insurance services, and is eager to share this success with other podiatrists. His hope is that podiatry practices will begin to benefit from non-insurance services to enhance their profitability.

To learn more about Dr. Spalding, see www.DrSpalding.com