Our participating podiatrists and their staff are very important to us.

We promise:

  • to sell only to podiatrists.
  • to provide high quality, hypoallergenic product
  • to support our participating podiatrist offices in achieving and maintaining success
  • to provide current and new information to our purchasing practices
  • to continually bring new innovations to our participating podiatrists’ attention

This product is odorless, flexible, thin and will restore dystrophic or misshapen nails to a more natural appearance.

Return Policy:

Please be certain that your order is complete, the correct products are ordered and the right quantity is requested. A check over the order will remove many frustrations involved in of keeping products in the office to use.

Due to the nature of the products and the potentials for contamination, we do not accept returns of the Gels and Bonder. All Gel and Bonder sales are final, non-refundable and non-exchangeable.                                                       

 Thank you for your cooperation.

Shipping Policies:

Two options for delivery of the Start Up Kit:

  • Delivery by the Training MNT during in-office training
  • Shipped directly to the practice prior to the scheduled training

We ship USPS Priority so we can track your items. USPS can provide overnighor second day shipping for an extra fee. Please tell us which you prefer so we can meet your needs.  Note: JFT Nail Cleanser is an ORM-D product and must be shipped Ground UPS.  If you order other products and want them delivered faster than the Ground UPS required with this product, then please order them separately with Cleanser alone in a shipment.








Material Safety Data Sheets


The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requires you maintain in your office an MSDS of certain products. Click each to download the PDF of those required of our JFT Product MSDS below: