The practice adding prosthetic toenails must do the following:

Call Just for Toenails Prosthetic Nail System to ask questions from an expert on adding cash services to your practice.

Decide who will perform the service. If a nail technician, click here.

Purchase the Introductory Kit from Just for Toenails Prosthetic Nail System.

Schedule the Just for Toenails Educator to come into your office.

Take the online course for adding cash services, discuss your marketing plan with the JFT Marketing Consultant and customize the available materials.

Begin your marketing and reap the rewards of adding these  services to your practice.


To facilitate a practice optimally adding prosthetic toenails to their practice, Just For Toenails Prosthetic Nail System believes it must provide strong support.


The practitioner who purchases the Just For Toenails Prosthetic Nail System Program receives the following with every Introductory Kit:


► A Just For Toenails Start Up Kit contains products to apply the prosthetic nails to about 150 patients, or more when using proper application. (a $680 value) The kit also contains the Just For Toenails UV Light for curing the product on the nail (a $199 value). This Kit can potentially produce $18,750 in cash income for the office.


Eight hours of in-office training with an expert JFT educator (Up to $1000 free) are scheduled immediately after purchase of the System with a JFT Educator

The Podiatric Medical AssistantCertification Program for two of your staff assistants are included with the purchase of the Program.   (a $998 value).

►An online Medical Nail Technician Certification Program is included for your nail technician. For information see (a $499 value). This person also is taught the background information to become a Podiatry Medical Assistant in the program and experiences a  required Internship with a participating podiatrist. She has earned and is awarded a Certificate as a Podiatry Medical Assistant also, after passing the required exams and experienceing the Internship for both programs.

Three one-hour telephone consultations for setting up your cosmetic podiatry office and integrating the Just For Toenails Prosthetic Nail System into the practice are immediately available to the purchaser (a $300 value).

Included in the purchase: A comprehensive online course for podiatrists and office managers on how to offer prosthetic nails and other cosmetic services to a office. Topics such as compensation, choosing products, design of the room, etc. are discussed. ($499)

► A downloadable, detailed instruction manual for the application of the product is provided the purchasing podiatrist.

Click here to purchase the package!

Start up quickly and successfully to bring cash into your office with the product and support of the

Just For Toenails Nail System!

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