This is the complete package, everything you need for a successful implementation of Just for Toenails products.
Just for Toenails Program (package)

Just for Toenails Program (package)

The following is included with the purchase of the Just For Toenails Program:
►The complete Just For Toenails Online Program containing information for adding cash services to your practice (a $499 value)

► A Just For Toenails Start Up Kit contains products to apply the prosthetic nails to about 150 patients, or more when using proper application. (a $743 value) It also contains the Just For Toenails UV Light for curing the product on the nail (a $249 value). This Kit can potentially produce $18,750 in cash income for the office.

Eight hours of in-office training with an expert JFT educator (a $1000 value) are scheduled immediately after purchase of the system with a JFT Educator.

►A Podiatry Assistant Certification Program for two of your staff assistants are offered free with the purchase of the Program.   (a $499 value each).

►Online Medical Nail Technician Certification Program, is offered freefor your nail technician. For information see (a $499 value). This person also is taught the background information to become a Podiatry Assistant in the program and experiences a  required Internship with a participating podiatrist. She has earned and is awarded a Certificate as a Podiatry Assistant, also, after passing the required exams for both programs.

►Training of optimal and safe use of an electric file is offered by the training MNT ($99 value).

Three one-hour telephone consultations (3) on integrating the JFT Prosthetic Nail System into the practice are immediately available to the purchaser (a $300 value).

►A downloadable manual answers questions frequently asked by interested podiatrists and is available with purchase of the JFT Program.  Topics such as compensation, education contracts, podiatry assistant training, etc. are discussed. Ongoing additions will be available to every purchaser as questions come up, sent by email to the podiatrist.

► A downloadable, detailed instruction manual for the application of the product is available immediately to the purchasing podiatrist.